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  • Dorabiamy kluczyki

    Do skuterów i motocykli z immobiliserem i bez,wystarczy nam sama stacyjka.

  • Naprawiamy liczniki

    Motocyklowe ,ze skuterów i quadów ,awarie liczników oraz korekty po zakupie samego licznika..

  • Instalacje elektryczne

    Naprawiamy,poprawiamy instalacje elektryczne w skuterach ,motocyklach i quadach.

Masz problem z modułem ,brak iskry,zadzwoń zapytaj.

We are involved in motorcycles for years. Our passion are mainly Peugeot scooters.


We are specialized in motorcycle electronics. We have developed a repair system for Peugot ECUs (Engine Control Units). At first, it was the ACI100 immobilized ignition module, later both 2T TSDi (Ditech) and 4T EFi injection computers.

We can program the control units, learn-in immobiliser transponders (keys) for Peugeot, Piaggio, Aprilia, Malagutti, Suzuki and other brands of motorcycles and mopeds.

We do have dedicated diagnostic tools for Peugeot scooters like TEP2005, which allow to perform engine diagnostics and verify running parameters, as well as upgrade the ECU firmware.

We may restore the keys even in case all original keys have been lost, all we need is the ignition lock mechanism and the documents that do confirm the legal ownership of the vehicle.

In addition, we can undertake the mechanical repairs of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and quads. We can do the preparation of the motorcycle before the season, and do the maintenance after the season.

We do have all the knowledge, experience and technical equipment to work with vintage motorcycles.

If you would like to use our services, please feel free to contact us. We can ensure to meet the schedule, and individual approach for each repair.

We do encourage to check out our offer.
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